Ascendant International

Our Values


Our expert merchandising teams focus on knowing the customer. Also ensure the correct mix of ingredients and design details to achieve your target price points and construction standards. Our expertise at cost engineering will insure that we build the best product and quality at the price you need. We can save you valuable time and money trying to find the lowest price to manufacture your product – we already have it.Even a single penny save for our client is important for us. Highly competitive product prices and service fee’s enabling us to work with any of the world’s fashion apparel or consumer goods discounter. In-depth market study, anticipation of future price movement and extensive sourcing network gives us advantage to offer you competitive price.


We are always ready to take the challenge of meeting clients demand for all sort of high quality garments as per client’s requirement. We welcome customers from all over the world, and in return allow us to prove to you that be your best source of buying.

If you have sourcing needs, but you don’t’ have a sourcing office in Asia and you don’t want to rely on traders sourcing can take care of your needs offering an end to end sourcing service, from vendor selection, factory audit, price negotiation, quality assurance and shipment, with the highest standards on the market.


We are where the manufacturers are everyday!

We work with major organizations such as the WRAP, SEDEX, BSCI, OEKO-TEX, ACCORD, GOTS to have the factories we work with meeting their standards on working conditions as the working environment of the manufacturing factories are also a concern of ours. We ensure that the quality apparel we deliver produced under lawful, human and ethical conditions. All of our factories abide by international code of conduct. The most importantly, we make sure that no child labor, no bonded or forced labor or any kind of discrimination.

We know that it is easy to manipulate an inspection when done once in a while, why we continuously inspect manufacturing sites to ensure that everything is in order.