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4 Things to Know Before Selecting Your Suppliers

Picking the right supplier for your clothing business is tricky. It is a critical aspect of your business that can make or break it. Whether a large portion of your materials come from a single company or not, here are factors you must consider;


You have to do everything possible to keep your pricing low; this means controlling raw materials costs. If your costs are too high, you may sacrifice quality which might hurt your business in the long run. Consider the supplier structure in the clothing industry. Get quotations from different suppliers, research about their reputations, and understand what they plan on delivering to you.


It’s essential to make sure that your vendor will meet the specifications of your product. Communicate with your suppliers about your schedules, brand, manufacturing quality, and other technical aspects. Make sure you don’t sacrifice on quality for lower costs. Measure how well a vendor will meet your demand to avoid obstacles in the future. You can also measure the actual cost of a supplier’s failure to help prepare accordingly.


Fill rates, late orders, import issues, resolving problems among many other things can affect not only your expenses but limit customer’s satisfaction. Understand how important your relationship with your supplier can help your business grow. A good supplier should make an effort to avoid all of these problems because they know that your companies grow together.


Consider how well your brand aligns with those of your suppliers. They can help you learn more about the industry, your customers, and assist with special promotions. Some suppliers may also learn about your brand’s culture and values to meet your expectations. A good partnership with your suppliers can strengthen both companies
Never select a supplier on costs alone. Make sure they will meet your quality demands, offer exceptional services, and align their business goals with yours. Bear in mind that the best way to boost your brand is by having a long term, reliable investments in your supply processes.

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